Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who to nominate...

Now that Miers is gone, who should be nominated?

There are many names out there, but why not just ASK Justices Scalia and Thomas their opinion on who would be a good choice? I'm sure they've reviewed countless decisions by judges across the country and can predict with good certainty who would be an originalist/textualist.

But barring that, the President should do a thorough search now. He should really think hard about this. Justice Roberts is a competent judge and knows the Constitution very well, but it's still a guess if he'd be a judge in the mold of Scalia. This time, the President must not fail. He really, really, really should take his time on this one, and think hard about who to pick.

Frankly, I'm not wedded to one single candidate like Judge Brown or Luttig. I've heard those names before, but the only person I know I could be satisfied with right now is Robert Bork. Hey - why don't they ask BORK who a good choice would be? That's an idea... In any event, I have no pre-selected replacement for Miers. All I want is the most solid, conservative, originalist candidate in the entire friggin' country right now. Basically, I want Scalia's role model.

Captain Ed says: "Now can we nominate a candidate whose qualities and track record presumes we control the Senate?"

Amen to that.

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