Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Slouching towards Gomorrah file....

Today the Supreme Court is considering whether the federal government has the ability under the Controlled Substances Act to prohibit doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon. Libetarians and federalist-minded conservatives would LOVE to see Oregon's law upheld, especially since the rationalization for Congressional authority of the Controlled Substances Act is the commerce clause.

Dozens of spectators gathered outside the court before arguments began, waving signs supporting the Oregon law. "My Life, My Death, My Choice," read one sign. "Who should decide? Me" said another.

"Oregon ought to be proud of having taken the first step," said one of the law's supporters, Rowland Cross, of Arlington, Va.

I wonder how the culture-of-death liberals on the Court will weigh their obvious desire to support the so-called privacy choices of Oregon's supporters, with the balance of upholding the commerce clause in all its glory?

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