Thursday, October 13, 2005


It is raining cats and dogs today in New York. I'm reminded of this article by Michael Rubiner when the weather was just as bad several years ago (reprinted in full below because it's behind the stupid TimesSelect firewall thingy, and besides every other blog posted it in full when he originally wrote it):

Wednesday in New York: Rain. Heavy at times. Followed by periods of precipitation.

Thursday: Lingering showers throughout the day. Chance of rain 800 percent.

Friday: Moist. Damp. Sodden.

Saturday: Rainish. Showery. Precipitacious.

Sunday: Light rain followed by heavy rain followed by pouring.

Monday: Unseasonably rainy in the morning. Uncharitably rainy in the afternoon. Unconscionably rainy in the evening.

Tuesday: Endless showers broken up by occasional flooding.

Wednesday: Remember "Waterworld"? Like that, only with more rain.

Thursday: Not sunny. The opposite of sunny. Just forget about sunny, O.K.?

Friday: Clearing just long enough for you to make weekend plans. Followed by obscene amounts of rain.

Saturday: Take a wild guess.

Sunday: Incessant, spirit-crushing rain. The kind of rain that makes it futile to get out of bed in the morning. The kind of rain that seems as if it will never end. And guess what? It never will. Ever. Do you understand?

Monday: Please go away.

Tuesday: Ample, brilliant sunshine throughout the day. Wait - did I say sunshine? I meant rain. Really hard rain.

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