Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Aggressive Conservativism...

With the debacle that is quickly becoming the Harriet Miers nomination, and the pathetic failure of the Administration to send up a bold, open, public conservative as a nominee, I figured instead of writing a million comments in a lot of diverse blogs, I'd be better suited to start my own and take things from there.

As anyone who knows my frequent comments on other blogs, I think that a bold, up-front, unapologetic conservativism is the best sort of politics for the nation. "Compassionate Conservativism" is a disgusting, pathetic term that inherently apologizes for the very nature of traditionalist ideology. I think that a lot of the discussion is too focused on maintaining Republicans in power without properly assessing if Power has merely become an end instead of a means to do good. I think that too much of the discussion is improperly conciliatory to incorrect conclusions. I think that in the face of unrelenting attacks by the crazy left that many conservatives have succumbed to blindly rallying around the Republican flag instead of questioning whether a proper intellectual attack is being undertaken to destroy the Left and better promote our ends in the political arena.

While certain people have in the past seemed to assume that in their comment boxes I shrilled for the Administration, the Miers nomination proves to me that Republicans are advancing a passive form of conservativism at best, or not advancing it at all. Either way, I intend to call them on it. Bush was a hero after September 11, 2001, but he has his faults and I hope that by pointing them out he can correct himself.

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