Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Even though the Democrats are worse, even though if he weren't re-elected crime would probably skyrocket, and even though no one else has a chance in hell of winning...

I can't vote for Bloomberg when he keeps doing crap like this.

UPDATE: Here's an excerpt from the article, since to read it you have to register on the Post's website.
Mayor Bloomberg is coming out big for the gay vote — hiring a homosexual former Democratic candidate who made waves by featuring his boyfriend in a campaign ad, The Post has learned.
Failed Manhattan borough president hopeful Brian Ellner signed on last week with Bloomberg's campaign to handle outreach to gay and lesbian voters, sources said.
Ellner's recruitment is part of the Republican mayor's plan to snag a significant portion of the gay vote, even though Democratic rival Fernando Ferrer has already lined up endorsements from numerous gay groups.
Last month, Ellner, who is openly gay, aired an unusual TV spot during the borough president's primary contest, which was ultimately won by Assemblyman Scott Stringer, that was the talk of the city political world.
"I'm Brian Ellner and this is my partner, Simon," Ellner says as the commercial ends and the two men face the camera arm in arm.
That was believed to be a first in the city for a candidate.

My problem is not that he wants people with a same sex attraction to vote for him, but that he's causing scandal by promoting the openly gay lifestyle. Bloomberg picked this guy, and this guy only out of all others, because he was openly gay (and not that he happened to pick a qualified man with same sex attractions).

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