Friday, October 14, 2005

Doubters tend to doubt themselves....

A good discussion over at Amy Wellborn's blog about the Da Vinci Code and how the author has no doubt in the "evidence" that the Catholic Church is built on lies. The conversation moved along to the basis of belief and doubt, and I noted that Pope Benedict said that doubt in athieism is common among the most hardcore athiests/agnostics. In his book, "Introduction to Christianity", he writes:

"No man can lay God and his Kingdom on the table before another man; even the believer cannot do it for himself. But however strongly unbelief may feel justified thereby, it cannot forget the eerie feeling induced by the words 'Yet perhaps it is true.' That 'perhaps' is the unavoidable temptation it cannot elude, the temptation in which it, too, in the very act of rejection, has to experience the unrejectability of belief."
Doubters in the existence of God are eventually going to doubt their surety in their own athieism at some point.

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