Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Conservative Rebellion....

Well whattya know? Bush is worried that he's losing the conservative base:

In a speech to the Economic Club of Washington, Bush said lawmakers should make tax relief permanent and restrain the spending appetite of the federal government. Bush's message was designed in part to ease the worries of conservatives that the Republican Party is not doing enough to control spending and cut the deficit.
Color me unimpressed.
"Bush's remarks came as congressional Republicans are advancing a budget implementation bill to curb federal spending by as much as $50 billion over five years."

50 billion over 5 years? That's only 10 billion a year. That's PATHETIC. The administration has increased spending by 18 bagillion zillion dollars since taking office in 2001 anyway. But what good is this kind of rhetoric when they can't even end the bridge to nowhere pork project? Trust me, the Republicans ain't cutting anything from the budget. Forget about it. They're too damn timid.

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