Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NRO supports RINO Specter...

When a person votes for a Democrat, they generally know that they're getting a person who is:

1. Pro-abortion
2. Pro-big government
3. Anti-gun
4. Anti-big business (at least in name - plenty of dems are fine being fat cats)
5. Pro-union
6. Pro-"victim" group (illegal immigrants, minorities, homosexuals, women, etc.)
7. Pro-eco-religion.
8. Anti-military
9. Pro-internationalism (global government)
10. Pro-raising taxes to punish "the wealthy"

When a person votes for a Republican, at least nowadays, what could they possibly think they're getting?

Pro-life? No, there are plenty of pro-choice Republicans, and the ones who are pro-life never really make an issue of it.

Pro-small government? Nope. Plenty of Republicans like to spend your money on their pet projects. There were lots of Republicans who mocked the Porkbusters, and the Tea Parties. Plenty of Republicans were hell-bent on voting for Bush's last stimulus, which radically increased the size of the government.

Pro-gun? Nope, there were plenty of Republicans who would've voted in favor of the assault weapons ban renewal.

Pro business? Nope, the Republicans are just as anti-business as the Dems. They are owned by certain sectors of the economy, the Dems are owned by other sectors of the economy. And their vote for the "stimulus" package at the end of Bush's term was a vote AGAINST market freedom.

Anti-union? The Republicans have never took a fight to the unions, notwithstanding that the unions always support the Dems.

Anti-"victims' groups"? Nope, the Republicans always make sure to be politically correct.

Anti-eco-religion? Nope, the Republicans spew the same religionist platitudes about Mother Earth as the Dems.

Pro-military? Maybe, but notwithstanding their bluster, the Republicans are just as likely to equivocate about standing up to the nation's enemies as the Dems are. They also let the Dems portray them as idiots because of Bush's failure to lead the public here.

Anti-internationalism? Maybe, but many Republicans often say "we must go to the United Nations" just as much as the Democrats. And the Republicans are bought and paid for by the Saudis.

Anti-taxes? Many Republican governors have raised taxes, many Republicans in Congress are fine with raising some taxes and fees that are buried in pieces of legislation.

So what's the point in electing a Republican nowadays? They're just Democrat lite politicians.

People like Arlen Specter did a lot to damage the Republican brand. And what do the weenie geniuses at National Review Online have to say about it?

Pur et Dur [Andrew Stuttaford]

These remarks by Jim DeMint are not what I'd describe as grounds for good cheer:
I would rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who really believe in principles of limited government, free markets, free people, than to have 60 that don’t have a set of beliefs.
He's missing the point.
If it comes to a choice, I'd rather have 60 Republicans in the Senate, however squishy some of the views of some in their ranks, than 60 Democrats who are all certain of theirs. Anyone who truly believes in limited government ought to understand that voting against can be as valid as voting for. If it takes a few Specters to see off a Democratic majority, so be it.
As for the idea that reducing the GOP to a rump of true believers (whatever that might actually mean: there are plenty on the right who interpret the terms "limited government" and "free people" in very different ways) is the essential first step in a Republican restoration, it is, I am afraid, a bad mistake. Wildernesses are, almost always, for losers.
And here's Ramesn Ponnru, always a reliable RINO:

The NRCC: "Good Riddance" to Specter [Ramesh Ponnuru]

That's what the GOP House campaign committee is saying in its press release. I guess it will be truly happy when Snowe and Collins leave too.

Senator Specter does the Republicans no good. He voted for the biggest increase in the size of the federal government in history. Throughout the blogosphere, many are saying "good riddance" to Specter. At NRO, they miss him. And people like Snowe and Collins aren't worth much either. They're pro-abortion, they're pro-big government. They bring nothing to the table. And I'm wondering if NRO does either.

The people at NRO are RINOs.

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John said...

I'm going to have to side with Sen. DeMint on this one. NRO is loaded with Republican squishes.

Republicans have tried to govern from a place of weakness for years now and we have accomplished nothing of significance.

Specter switching back to a Democrat just frees up an opportunity for a conservative to win.