Monday, April 13, 2009

Deranged Abortion-Loving Sickos...

Sick, sick sick. This woman should be institutionalized. Her sanity is clearly absent.
We need to create a world where a woman having an abortion is as respected and supported as a woman having a baby. As the movement for abortion pride and the recognition of women's human rights progresses, we will continue to speak out with our voices, our experiences, our bodies - and our lives. YES - ABORTION PRIDE!
What is it that makes people so deranged that they think the disemboweling and murder of babies should be just as celebrated as becoming a mother?

I wonder if this "abortion pride" crap is the start of a new honesty from the murder-lovers of the left. At least they're not cloaking it in some false sense of shame.

I should hope that abortion will never be as respected as having a baby. But never underestimate the depths of cultural suicide that America will succumb to. I give it until the end of Obama's term as president before this woman's rant becomes standard in the Democratic party platform.

Note: Always, always, always use the term "pro-abortion" instead of pro-choice. And then when you're called on the use of that term, you can point to sickos like Marcy Bloom and Katherine Ragsdale who proudly advocate the choice of abortion instead of the choice to have a baby. Abortion should always and everywhere be equated with premeditated murder, because that's exactly what it is.


Anonymous said...

And always use the term "anti-Catholic" instead of "Protestant" for similar reasons, right, Sydney?

Sorry. Abortion is not equated with premeditated murder. Even though the Catholic Church considers abortion a great evil, it didn't consider early abortions to be homicide.

Anonymous said...

This woman is indeed sick.

But I stopped by to mention a much happier topic. Well, happy for you, that is. You New Yorkers got our archbishop! I was a regular attendee of Archbishop Dolan's masses here in Milwaukee and will miss him terribly. But our loss is your gain. I guarantee you'll love the man, Sydney. And there is not a shy bone in his body. I think he'll be a perfect fit for New York.

Donna V.

Sydney Carton said...

Thanks Donna. I do feel very glad that we have him now.