Thursday, November 10, 2005

Republican Cowards...

The Anchoress has words for the Republican Party:
If your plan was to make people so disgusted with your cowardice, your disorganization and your political tone-deafness that they either stop contributing to the RNC, or they decide to just sit out the next election (because what’s the point), or they decide to vote out every stinking one of you in the next elections, because you freaking well deserve ouster for literally doing nothing constructive and squandering your majority…well…you have succeeded spectacularly! Beyond your wildest imaginings, I am sure.

I can’t think of a single reason to vote to re-elect a any one of you....

You seem directed toward nothing more than keeping your almighty Senate or House seat in your name. You give away your power, you give away your advantages in committee, you leave in place utterly feckless people like Arlen Specter and then, when you finally seem like you are on the cusp of doing something productive and right, like investigating the CIA or okaying drilling in a bare, muddly, uninhabitable tundra, you fall into a faint and go slinking back to your states and districts to gladhand and pump for money and then gladhand some more.

Michelle Malkin has been posting reader emails who are increasingly disillusioned with the GOP for breaking away from its campaign promises. John from Right Wing News says that "Voting to allow drilling in ANWR should be the easiest decision the clowns up in Congress ever had to make -- and they still can't get it right. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic."

The Republicans are going to get their butts handed to them in 2006. They seem not to care about the people that voted for them. The only thing they can count on is the Democrats acting even dumber by continuing to stage useless Senate shutdowns. But that won't work forever (Hillary Clinton is no moron).

A surefire way to be defeated is to piss off the conservative base that elected you. I can't imagine why the Republicans think that's a good thing.

Update: Professor Bainbridge says that Bush is a conservative impostor. I should note that the Professor Bainbridge is now against the war in Iraq. [Edit. I mistakenly said Anchoress was against the war.] I'm not. I was for it, and I'm still for it. But their other criticisms are fair: Bush has mangled domestic policy, spent a lot of useless money, let the Democrats and RINOS run circles around him, and has done a poor job of managing things within his control. I like Bush personally, but he's becoming the leader of a failed Republican coalition. Right Wing News proposes an agenda of the Republican Party post-Bush, but frankly it should've been his agenda all along. If the Republicans want to get anywhere, they should take a hard look at it and start implementing it now, or else they won't be in a position to implement it after Bush leaves office.

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