Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pro-Life Student Expelled at Catholic School...

I suppose I'm late in commenting on this, but Katelyn Sills, a 15 year old girl attending Loretto High School (a Catholic school) who exposed to her Bishop a teacher who was eventually fired for aiding and abetting abortion, has been expelled.

Katelyn has been commenting on her blog, Stand Up and Speak Out. The comments from her schoolmates are disgusting. Many of them are gleefully attacking Katelyn for getting what she supposedly deserved. They are almost all sympathetic to an abortion-helping teacher instead of an innocent girl who speaks the truth.

Contact information for the Loretto administration is here. Personally, I hope the Bishop fires every single administrator who had a hand in expelling Katelyn. He should wade in there and indiscriminately cut them down like a scythe through grass. It's time to clean house. The "Catholic" school was reluctant to fire their pro-abortionist teacher, but they have no problem expelling a little girl who only went to her Bishop. If they lose their jobs, they should consider themselves lucky. As it is, Katelyn could probably sue the pants off of them. She should, irrespective of the merits of her case, because it will put the administrators through a hell they want to avoid. Time to rake them over the coals.

There's a long thread over at Amy Wellborn's blog on this topic, and Mark Shea has a thread about it here.

UPDATE: Katelyn has posted a press release on her blog.

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