Friday, November 18, 2005

Needed Surgery for the Republicans...

I'm a big fan of Rod Dreher, as he used to write for National Review and also comments on several blogs in the St. Blogosphere. But Bryan Preston (guest blogging at Michelle Malkin's blog) pulls no punches with him when he reports:
Democrat Rep. John Murtha said today that we can't win the war in Iraq. That would be news if he hadn't said the exact same thing a year ago. So today's speech wasn't as much a change of heart as a change of venue.

But it was enough to make Rod Dreher leave a big puddle on the floor. Seriously, one more panic like that and Bill Buckley may have to lend Dreher one of his testicles.
Ouch! Poor Rod. But I really, really think Preston is right on this. He continues:
I'm tired of the likes of Andrew Sullivan, whose overwrought, emotional blog writing now meets the McCain definition of torture, and I'm tired of the likes of the Clintons. And frankly I'm past treating the left with anything resembling due respect. The present situation can come to no good. We have the formerly security savvy party running for the door at light speed. We have the moonbat party aiding and abetting the enemy.
Sullivan has been un-readable since 2003, and I won't link to him on principle. It annoys the hell out of me that people like Jonah Goldberg keep discussing him in The Corner. Of course I'm also tired of the Clintons. And naturally, the left and the terrorist-sympathizing, America-hating Democrats never deserved any respect to begin with.

What bothers me most, though, are the Republicans. The Republicans should know better. But they're really showing their cowardice these days (in addition to spending like drunken sailors, not being serious about illegal immigration, and a host of other problems). For pete's sake, the Iraqis will elect their leaders in mid-December for the first time since approving a brand-new Constitution, and all the Republican party can think of is how to screw around and allow terrorist access to the Courts, whose judges will obviously usurp the executive branch's constitutional authority in running the frigging war (another reason to despise those black robed elitist bastards). Only recently has Bush and McCain and Cheney come out to attack the idiotic "Bush lied" lie. Why now, when they could've done it months ago?

So yes, I agree with Bryan Preston's greater point: the Republican party is in serious need of some BALLS.

Update: Captain Ed says it plainly: "Cutting and running is surrender, no matter who proposes it. I don't care if Murtha has a chest full of medals -- telling the national media that American troops can't handle Islamofascist terrorists and must be withdrawn from their range of action is cowardice."

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