Thursday, November 17, 2005

Loretto High School: Run by Dissenters?

An update on Katelyn Sills, the girl who was expelled from her CATHOLIC high school after her involvement in getting an abortion-activist teacher fired: Katelyn has posted all correspondence between her family and the school.

The result is devastating. Loretto High School's administration, particularly Sister Helen Timothy, come off as the most paranoid, delusional, totalitarian, crazy bunch of whacked-out cat ladies this side of the tracks.

Read the emails for yourself. It's a real eye-opener. I think that the turning point came when Katelyn's mom clearly indicated that the discovery of an abortion-activist teacher required termination of the teacher's employment. I'll bet a zillion dollars that Sister Helen Timothy, and her minion principal, Sister Barbara Nelson, rejected that outcome immediately. Why? I submit that they're probably quite fine with the practice of abortion, aka: THEY ARE DISSENTERS.

Yes, I'm speculating, and yes, it's a harsh conclusion. But let's get real here: Sisters who are authoritative, paranoid, and see "threats" in the most sincere of emails are themselves afraid that their own dissent will become known: A word heard when it shouldn't have been, a memo read by eyes who shouldn't have seen. Katelyn's mother probably ended up on their enemies list because she noted the idiotic and dissenting statements made by Sister Barbara Nelson (and this definitely takes the cake for its stupidity): "Just because a person volunteers at Planned Parenthood does not necessarily mean they support abortion." I'll bet that when Sister Helen saw that statement and also read Ms. Sills' shock over it, Sister Helen feared that in the future her own public dissent could become known. Hence, her rageoholic attitude towards the Sills family after the abortion-activist was fired.

I should note that the Sills family attorney is 100% correct that the Loretto High School's public documents regarding the Sills' behavior is per se libel. That means, it is a classic case of the public distribution of untrue statements causing harm and regarding a nonpublic figure with intent or with reckless disregard for the truth. Their lawyer is absolutely right that, because of the public nature of the untrue statements and the damage done to the reputation of the Sills family, Katelyn and her parents can sue for damages. No school has the right to lie about your family to the public. And the school lied in the worst possible way: by suggesting that the Sills family engaged in threats and other potentially criminal behavior.

Well, Sister Helen, how do you like your dirty laundry being aired in public now? Your insane administration of Loretto High School is now open for the world to see. Congratulations, tyrant.

(via Amy Wellborn and The Curt Jester)

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